what we do

Education & Training

Future Food develops and delivers innovative training programs designed to build capacity and empower a new breed of changemakers.

  • Food & Climate Shaper Boot Camps
  • Master’s & Executive programs
  • Student & Teacher training

Research & Advocacy

Future Food conducts independent and collaborative research along eight focus areas of: Waste & Circular Systems, Water Safety & Security, Climate, Earth Regeneration, Mediterranean Foodscape, Nutrition for All, Humana Communitas, and Cities of the Future

  • Research initiatives
  • Institutional relations

Community & Outreach

By connecting stakeholders through outreach and events, Future Food inspires and facilitates both global and local action.

  • Living Labs
  • Virtual and in person events

Innovation & Prototyping

Future Food transforms food systems through prosperity-driven alliances with government and industry partners, to build and execute innovation strategies centered around sustainability.

  • Research and development
  • Alchemist Lab
  • Eating Lifestyle


Future Food has mapped six areas which we consider to be our main research, prototyping, and foresight focus:

Environment |  Innovating food production models based on climate-conscious and smart marine, land and non-soil systems.

Production | Discovering new technologies for the domestic and industrial transformation of food products; playing, co-designing and prototyping about the role of “food” and its lifecycle in the modern society: the epicenter of the Circular Systems.

Access | Finding the best solutions against malnutrition and creating new tools to guarantee food safety.

Nourishment | Experimenting with healthy and nutritious food, by preserving our culture and improving the food experience, strengthening biodiversity.

Eating Lifestyle | Experiencing new spaces and models of consumption.

Awareness | Developing tools to produce insights from data and artificial intelligence; developing new food learning platforms; unleashing the power of food intelligence, through data science and life experiences, and beyond.


Our team of entrepreneurs, chefs, researchers, designers, activists, and experts come from different backgrounds and different corners of the world, but all with the same purpose – to sustainably improve life on earth through the power of food. 


The Future Food ecosystem includes dedicated operational offices and Living Labs in Italy, the US, and Japan, with affiliate centers and ambassadors in China, Singapore, and Germany.


The world faces great challenges. Resolving them depends on us all working together towards the same goals. The Future Food Institute is honored to collaborate with our purpose-driven partners to sustainably address our global food system challenges.

Learn more about our strategic partners and how you can get involved.